The bows used to play viola d'amore are significantly different from those use for modern violin and/or viola. They tend to be much lighter, have narrower hair, and many players use an old-style baroque or transition bow. The list below provides a quick summary of some of the salient features. Click on the "Link" to see images and further details of the particular bow. As with all bows for stringed instruments, personal preference is paramount.

TypeLength/wood Bow MakerDateOwner
Barock72 cm snakewoodPieter Affourtit2007private
Barocksnakewood, schwarzes HaarPieter Affourtit2007private
Übergang72 cm PernambucoBrasilianischmodernprivate
Baroque?Hans Reinusmodernprivate


A selection of bows. From top to bottom:

  • Old-style short baroque bow with black hair (Pieter Affourtit, 2007)
  • Baroque style regular length (72 cm) bow with white hair (Pieter Affourtit, 2007)
  • Long Baroque bow with white hair (Pieter Affourtit, 2007)
  • Transition pernambuco bow (Brazilian, n.d.)
  • Classical viola bow (Albert Fischer, n.d.)